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Willem II

Country: Nederland
Nickname: Tricolores
Level U19 team: Eredivisie
Level first team: Eredivisie

National Football League Championship Winners (3): 1915–16, 1951–52, 1954–55
Eredivisie Runner-up (1): 1998–99
Eerste Divisie Winners (3): 1956–57, 1964–65, 2013–14
Eerste Divisie Runner-up (1): 1986–87
KNVB Cup Winners (2): 1943–44, 1962–63
KNVB Cup Runner-up (1): 2004–05

Well-known (ex) players:
Jaap Stam, Marc Overmars and Sami Hyypiä

Additional information:
Willem II, also known as Willem II Tilburg, is a football club based in Tilburg, North Brabant, The Netherlands. The team was founded on 12 August 1896 as Tilburgia. On 12 January 1898, the club was renamed Willem II, after Dutch king William II of the Netherlands (reign from 1840 until 1849), who, as Prince of Orange and commander of the Dutch army, had his military headquarters in Tilburg during the Belgian uprising of 1830.

Despite never winning the Eredivisie, the club came second in 1998-99, qualifying for the Champions League as a result.

Copa del Agatha:
First participation.


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