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FC Kopenhagen

Country: Denmark
Nickname: The City’s Team or The Lions
Level U19 team: Drenge-liga
Level first team: Superligaen

National Champions: 10x (last time in 2013)
Danish Cup: 5x (last time in 2012)
Danish Super Cup: 3x (last time in 2004)
Champions League: 11 participations since 1992

Well-known (ex) players:
Johan Wiland, Zedenek Psopech, Brede Hangeland, Michael Gravgaard, Oscar Wendt, Tobias Linderoth, Atiba Hutchinson, Christian Poulsen, Sibusio Zuma, Dame N’Doye, Lars Jakobsen, Daniel Jensen and Jespe Grønkjaer.

Additional information:
After 2000 the club has attracted the highest attendances in Scandinavia, with over 20,000 visitors at home matches. The official fan club, F.C. København Fan Club, also has more than 20,000 members.

Copa del Agatha:
First participation.


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