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Cerezo Osaka

Foto Cerezo Osaka

Country: Japan
Nickname: The Cherries
Level U19 team: Premier League
Level first team: J2 League

National Champions: 4x (last time in 1980)
JSL Cup: 4x (last time in 2003)
Emperor’s Cup: 3x (last time in 1974)
Promotion from J. League Division 2: 2x (2002 and 2009)

Well-known (ex) players:
Cerezo players Hotaru Yamaguchi and Yoichiro Kakitani played for Japan at the World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Hiroaki Morishima and Akinori Nishizawa were playing for Cerezo whilst in the World Cup selection in 2002. A number of players in the current first team competed at the Copa del Agatha in the last three years.

Additional information:
Cerezo Osaka is four times national champions of Japan, also winning the national cup four times. The club was named Yanmar Diesel SC. The club are competitive in the J2. League and perform their home matches in front of 16,500 spectators in Osaka. The U19 squad of Cerezo Osaka will come to The Netherlands for the fourth time. Last year they won the prestigious Takamadonomiya Cup.

Copa del Agatha:
Fourth participation.
Previous Results: 4th (2013)
4th (2014)
2nd (2015)

Spelers 2015:

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Spelers 2016:

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